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Friday, October 24, 2014

Stand up for America!

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At some point in time, you have had or perhaps will have your heart pierced sorrowfully by the loss of a loved one. While you may not bleed outwardly as those inflicted by daggers of war, the pain and sorrow weigh heavily on your heart and mind as you pass through this mortal life on Earth. The comfort of those around you see you through the troublesome times.

At the heart of Awakenings lies strong ties to those who give of their all for My America, YOUR America, Our America! Freedom is not free, it comes at a price, a very high price of sacrifice. Those who set personal gain aside, endure separation from family and friends, put themselves in harm's way do it all for you. For me. For America.

We have come far; suffered much; gained, lost, regained;
let it not all be in vain. 

Set aside a few moments now, tomorrow and every day thereafter in recognition and appreciation of those who sacrifice every day ensuring the rights and freedoms in America will be protected for generations to come. The fight to maintain freedom is not just for today, it is for America's future.

Support our Troops! They support America!

Among America's freedoms is the right to vote. The issue of voting rights in the United States has been contentious throughout United States history.

Elections in the United States are being held throughout 2014, with the general elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 4, 2014. During this midterm election year, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested; along with 38 state and territorial governorships, 46 state legislatures (except Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia), four territorial legislatures and numerous state and local races.  

It's up to you! Stand up for America! Be sure you proudly wear the button. . .

Interested in early voting? Check out the Early Voting Calendar for your area.

Does your vote matter? Think about it. . .


In some countries, you don't have any rights:
Billions of people live without freedom!

God Bless America!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

From Dream to Reality...

Today in Music History: October 23, 1976

Out of numerous pop stars who emerged in the 60s, most will contribute their inspiration on becoming acclaimed musicians to seeing Elvis Presley perform on TV in the 50s. After all, Elvis had become the 'King' of rock 'n' roll! The group in today's spotlight had quite a different perspective basing their dream on the music of Benny Goodman, the 'King' of Swing. The vision of the leader of this group shone brightly on having a rock band with a horn section.

Vintage Picture of Chicago

Chicago: One of the most successful rock bands in America 
Formed in 1967 in Chicago, Illinois, Chicago is among the Top Ten best-selling US musical groups of all time. The band's name capitalizes on the city of Chicago, which has served as the nurturer of numerous talented musicians, as well as becoming a magnet that continues to draw upon the best musical talent from across the nation. It all started with a dream.
From Dream to Reality...
In 1967, Chicago musicians Walter Parazaider, Terry Kath, Danny Seraphine, Lee Loughnane, James Pankow, Robert Lamm, and Peter Cetera formed a group with one dream, to integrate all the musical diversity from their beloved city and weave a new sound, a rock ‘n’ roll band with horns. Their dream turned into record sales topping the 100,000,000 mark, including 21 Top 10 singles, 5 consecutive Number One albums, 11 Number One singles and 5 Gold singles. An incredible 25 of their 34 albums have been certified platinum, and the band has a total of 47 gold and platinum awards.  Source: A Chicago Story
1976 Chicago started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'If You Leave Me Now'. It was the group's 18th Top 40 and first US No.1, also a No.1 in the UK. It went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance. 
Everything you would like to know about the band Chicago...


And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times...

Smokin' hot!


It's a tie! Game 2 found the teams switching places as the Kansas City Royals rebound from their loss, roaring ahead to a 7 - 2 victory. The Royals entered Game 2 with a lot of fight left and determination to win met only by the Giants desire to remain in the lead. It was not until the sixth inning when the game truly came to life. Home plate smoked as each of five runs were batted in and the scoreboard reflected an increase in the Royals' score one at a time. Yep! Smokin' hot! Click HERE for recap...

Series tied 1-1
Game 2, Yesterday, 8:07 PM
Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Royals = 7

San Francisco Giants = 2

But wait! No need to panic or assume the winner at this point...It is still anybody's ballgame! In anticipation of Bases loaded! Full count!, fans of each team remain overwhelmed with excitement but which team will gain the upper hand in Game 3? On the road to San Francisco...


Game 3, tomorrow [Friday], 8:07 PM on FOX
AT&T Park, San Francisco, California

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reality of Music

Today in Music History: October 22

Every song competes with the music of the past, present and future. Within the world of song is competition that extends itself worldwide. Each country sports its own special events tapping into raw, new talent. Winning entrants, as well as many runner-ups, go on to special contracts, further competitions and/or entertainment positions around the globe. Not all recording artists begin with a competition. Some talented musicians just happen to be at the right place at the right time while others continue to struggle in hopes of reaching the top of the Billboard charts. Or, there just comes along the right song, maybe a new song or one recorded decades earlier to once again soar to the top.

1964 Sandie Shaw had her first UK No.1 single with the Burt Bacharach song '(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me'. Shaw is an English pop singer, who was one of the most successful British female singers of the 1960s. In 1967, she was the first British act to win the Eurovision Song Contest. She has been described as "the barefoot pop princess of the 1960s". Sandi Shaw announced her retirement from music in April 2013.
1966 The Supremes became the first female group to have a No.1 album on the US chart with 'The Supremes a Go Go', knocking The Beatles 'Revolver', from the top of the charts. The album was the first album by an all-female group to reach number-one on the Billboard 200 album charts in the United States. Remaining on the Billboard album chart for 60 weeks, it sold over 1 million copies in the United States and about 3.5 million copies world-wide, making it their 2nd best selling album behind their chart busting Greatest Hits which sold over 3 million copies in the states and over 6 million copies world-wide and held onto the #1 spot for 5 weeks on Billboard Magazine.

1966 The Beach BoysGood Vibrations’ made its debut on the US singles chart. Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, the track was recorded over 6 weeks in four different Los Angeles studios, at a cost of over $16,000. The recording engineer would later say that the last take sounded exactly like the first, six months earlier. The record would reach No.1 on the US charts in December 1966.
1969 Led Zeppelin II was released on Atlantic Records in the UK. The Jimmy Page-produced album which was recorded over six months between four European and three American tours, peaked at No.1 in both the UK and US, going on to sell over 12 million copies in the US alone, (and spending 138 weeks on the UK chart). The album is now recognized by writers and music critics as one of the greatest and most influential rock albums ever recorded.
1988 Phil Collins started a two week run at No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Groovy Kind Of Love', his 6th US No.1. In 1966, this was also recorded by Patti LaBelle And The Bluebelles, but the version recorded by The Mindbenders, who released it as their first single without lead singer Wayne Fontana, became the hit. Collins' version was used in the movie Buster, where Collins plays the title role of Buster Edwards. Collins put together the soundtrack using various '60s songs. A child actor, Collins was wary about taking a movie role after becoming famous as a musician, and he made sure the song didn't appear until the end of the film so musical perceptions wouldn't taint his performance.
1996 It was announced that, "The Beatles were now bigger than The Beatles". The statement was based on sales so far this year, having sold 6,000,000 albums from their back catalog and a combined total of 13,000,000 copies of ‘The Beatles Anthology 1’ and ‘The Beatles Anthology 2’. With the release of ‘The Beatles Anthology 3’ a week away, it was anticipated that total Beatles album sales for 1996 would exceed 20 million. A poll showed 41 percent of sales were to teenagers who were not born when The Beatles officially called it quits in 1970. 
2005 Waterloo by Abba was voted the best song in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. ABBA won the contest for Sweden in 1974. Viewers in 31 countries across Europe voted during a special show in Copenhagen to celebrate the annual event's 50th anniversary.
2008 A homeless man claimed a £2,000 reward by returning a waxwork head of ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney which had been left on a train. Anthony Silva found the item in a bin at Reading station after auctioneer Joby Carter left it under a seat at Maidenhead station. The homeless man thought it was a Halloween mask and had been using it as a pillow before realizing what it was. The wax model sold the following week for £5,500 at auction.

And the music goes on beating to the rhythm of the changing times...

Bases Loaded! Full Count!

Action in the Sports Arena...that's what's happenin'! With baseball's World Series in high gear, America's adrenaline is pumping. After all, baseball is one of the American ClassicsBaseball, hot dogs, apple pie & of course, the Chevroletthe highlights of America's "Love Affair" epitomized in the famed commercial that had the nation singing in 1974.

Life, hot dogs and baseball
Hot apple pie topped with ice cream
Ah-h-h-h! Those American classics
Sad day had their visions not been seen!

On to the game...

"Welcome to the World Series" echoed throughout the ballpark as ushers greeted fans while some hot-dog vendors high-fived fans and each other along the aisles and behind the concession counter. Then, the game is on with the World Series starting with a bang! Hunter Pence's homer highlighted a three-run burst in the first inning as the Giants enter the game vying for their third title in five years. Click HERE for recap...

Giants lead series 1-0
Game 1, Final - yesterday, 8:07 PM
Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri

San Francisco Giants = 7

Kansas City Royals = 1

We wait in anticipation for Bases Loaded! Full Count! It is still anybody's ballgame. The winner of the first is not necessarily the winner at the end. Perhaps...but not guaranteed! History has proven this happenstance over and over again. It ain't over till the fat lady sings!

A Bit of Baseball Humor...

Thanks to the endurance of their most popular and influential routine, "Who's on First?"—whose rapid-fire word play and comprehension confusion set the preponderant framework for most of their [Abbott & Costello] best-known routines—the team is, as a result, featured in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Source: Abbott & Costello
Be sure to catch game 2 tonight...it's as American as anything can be!

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